Waking a hibernating blog


When I started this blog, I had meant it to be at least semi-regular – but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Towards the end of last year, I was working on lots of writing aside blogging about adoption and keeping this up went on the back burner. More recently, I just had to simplify things. A number of bereavements, our daughter becoming ill and various other personal things going on in a short space of time meant focusing my energies on family, staying well and ensuring I was doing my day job as effectively as I can.

Things are getting back on track and life seems to be settling down a touch – at least for now. In this period, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my view on adoption, and I’ve tried where I can, to keep learning, particularly from resources and articles created by adopted adults.

My intention is to write more articles on here, when I have something to say either on my personal experiences as an adopter or when there are new developments in the world of adoption. I think as an adopter, it’s important to reflect on where your voice fits into the conversation and not take up space better used adult adoptees. However, as I’ve stated on this blog and in other articles before, I feel that creating positive change within adoption will happen through adoptees, adopters and professionals coming together to shift the narrative.

I started blogging with the intention of writing something each week. This was always going to be over-ambitious, but I endeavour to at least make it more frequent than it has been – which shouldn’t be too difficult! The next piece should easily be more interesting than this one as it will contain some content beyond me saying, ‘I haven’t been doing much, but I will’. How’s that for a trailer!

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