Resources and links

The following list is my attempt to bring together useful links to organisation, resources, reading material and more in the adoption field.

Adoption support organisations:

Adoption UK: UK-wide membership organisation that advocates for adoptive families and runs a range of post-adoption support services.

PAC-UK: The UK’s largest independent adoption support agency. They run services for adoptive families, birth families and adopted adults. They also have an extensive training programme.

We Are Family: An community by adopters for adopters. We Are Family was founded in 2013 by adopters who wanted to create local support groups and a community based on the lived experience of adoptive parents. It now has 9 geographically based groups in London and a programme of webinars and online resources for adopters throughout the UK and beyond. I’m a bit biased about this one as I’m a trustee!

New Family Social: A support community for all LGBT+ adopters and foster carers in the UK.

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents: Support organisation for therapeutic parents and professionals working in the adoption and foster care space. They offer loads of training and events etc and were founded by adopter, writer and therapeutic parenting expert Sarah Naish and others.

Family Futures: An adoption and fostering agency that offers a great range of training for parents, carers and professionals:

Grandparents Plus: Support organisation for kinship carers

The No Matter What: Established by Sally Donovan, this organisation offers training and events for therapeutic parents and carers.

Coram: As well as being an adoption agency, Coram offers a range of support service for adoptive family.

Reading and listening material:

First 4 Adoption: Information for anyone considering adoption in the UK:

Al Coates’ blog: Al is an adopter of 6, a foster care social worker and co-host of the Adoption and Fostering Podcast. He also has an MBE for services to children.

The Adoption and Fostering Podcast: A brilliant listen for anyone involved with or interested in adoption. It’s hosted by Al Coates and Scott Carson-Rennie. They speak to adopters, adoptees, birth parents and professionals in the adoption and fostering space. It’s available on all the main platforms. I was also interviewed for an episode in early 2020 (linked below).

Adoptees On Podcast: This is an excellent podcast made by adult adoptee Haley Radke. It’s hugely important for adopters to listen to the voices of adopted people and this is a great place to start. Available on all the major platforms.

Daddy and Dad: An adoption blog following the lives of two dads and their adopted sons.

Sally Donovan: Adopter, author of some excellent books and trainer and speaker on therapeutic parenting and adoption issues.

Coram-i: Insight and research on adoption and children’s services.

Contact After Adoption: An ongoing research project from Beth Neil and her team at the University of East Anglia on the importance and role of birth family contact after adoption.

Education and Adoption: Blog from adopter and head teacher Stuart Guest.