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Waking a hibernating blog

26/06/2022 When I started this blog, I had meant it to be at least semi-regular – but sometimes life just gets in the way. Towards the end of last year, I was working on lots of writing aside blogging about adoption and keeping this up went on the back burner. More recently, I just had… Read More »Waking a hibernating blog

The importance of contact

25/05/2021 Adoption has rightly changed enormously over the years. Where once it would have been seen as the right thing to ‘protect’ a child against issues arising from contact with birth family, we now know the importance understanding life story, knowing who family members are and being in touch where safe and appropriate.   In… Read More »The importance of contact

Framing contemporary adoption

21/03/2021 There is a gulf between perceptions of adoption within wider society and the experience and understanding of adopters and adoptees. This is obviously no great revelation to anyone involved with adoption. What is interesting to me is the dynamic that exists between societal expectations and understandings of adoption, the way adoption is marketed to… Read More »Framing contemporary adoption