Thinking about adoption support

16/01/2021 It’s clear that post-adoption support is a huge issue. In 2020’s Adoption Barometer survey from Adoption UK, 68% of respondents who had obtained an adoption order didn’t have a written support plan in place. Respondents to the survey also spoke of being lonely and isolated, something that won’t be at all surprising to most… Read More »Thinking about adoption support

Speeding up the adoption process at all costs is neither in the interests of children or adopters

22/12/2020 (previously published)* My family has benefited significantly from the rigour of the adoption process. I was asked by someone considering adoption whether the process is ‘invasive’, to which I answered “yes, massively”. But none of it was unnecessary. Through the assessment, the local authority that we adopted through was able to learn what issues… Read More »Speeding up the adoption process at all costs is neither in the interests of children or adopters

Early trauma, attachment and lockdown

22/12/2020 (previously published)* Lockdown is difficult for all children, but adopted children and those in the care system can experience some specific challenges related to their trauma. It was heartening to see that there has been some acknowledgement of this through the announcement that part of the adoption support fund is being brought forward to support adoptive… Read More »Early trauma, attachment and lockdown

Reflections on a year of change

22/12/2020 (previously published)* This year was one of turbulence, upheaval and change on the national stage, but for also for me personally. I’m not really accustomed to writing about myself. But as we approach the end of 2019, I feel compelled to. In March, my wife and I completed a three-year journey to become approved… Read More »Reflections on a year of change